Payroll services for businesses

who also need accountability.

​Congruity's powerful online payroll solution has more bells and whistles than any other service, but it's our deep understanding of running a business​ and our commitment to communication that turns our customers into raving fans.

​We operate ​as though your business depends on us.

Call it a credo, a mission statement or the golden rule, our customer service and problem solving abilities are the best in the business. While much of our platform is online and at your fingertips, we understand that chatting with an AI bot or getting lost in the phone tree queue is time wasted. Direct support and a single point of contact is our service cornerstone. 

​Most business owners start with a passion; a passion to innovate, accelerate and problem solve. Most of those passions don't cross over with a passion for payroll and taxes. ​That's where Congruity Payroll Services comes in. From any device you can easily manage your​ payroll and run your business with the peace of mind that ​helps you focus and grow your business.  We provide a fast and easy transition, along with the personal guidance to guarantee you are set up correctly and your system solutions are running smoothly.

​Full-Service Payroll Solution

​Payroll Processing

Congruity payroll service ​allows you to securely process your payroll from any device. Our system is an all inclusive, one-stop online solution.

​Time & Attendance 

Enjoy the convenience of a broad selection of Time & Attendance solutions fully integrated with Congruity’s payroll technology.

​Tax & Compliance

Congruity payroll service includes compliance such as record keeping, federal payroll taxes, state payroll taxes, payroll schedule, direct deposit and so much more.

​The path to sustained growth ​& compliance. 

​Outsourcing your ​business payroll to ​Congruity does more than just automate a tedious task. Congruity's Payroll service brings ​value to a growing company by creating infrastructure, streamlining repetitious procedures, ensuring tax compliance and supporting employees with convenient access.

On average, ​80% of small businesses who do their own payroll taxes pay a penalty to the IRS each year. 


​​33%  ​(1 in 3) employers have been penalized for payroll errors.


Congruity Payroll is ​getting ​business owners 

back to doing what they do best.