​Congruity Payroll Services

Online ​Payroll Processing

Everything your business needs to streamline the payroll process

​Payroll processing

​Opting for an online payroll processor like Congruity Payroll makes the payroll process simpler and more convenient. Our cloud-based service automatically calculates how much your employee should be paid each pay period. We account for wage rates, shift differentials, overtime, holiday pay and taxes as well as Social Security and benefit deductions. ​We then make payments to employees by direct deposit or paper check.

​Tax and Compliance

With Congruity Payroll, employee taxes are withheld, quarterly payroll tax reports are filed, and ​tax withholdings are paid to the proper local, state, and federal agencies. ​Reports can also be generated and issued including employee W-2 and 1099 forms at the end of the year.

​Time & Attendance

The time and attendance features of our payroll software allows employers to track and monitor meals, breaks, and overtime, calculate and manage comp time, set up geofencing to track employee locations when they clock in and out, monitor errors, and manage other time policies for complete and accurate time cards.

​Everything you would expect

Our system is full of features that are required for comprehensive payroll processing highlighted by:

  • ​Anytime, anywhere access
  • ​Direct deposit and pay cards
  • ​Payroll tax filing
  • Employee self service
  • ​Garnishments
  • Total data security

​All backed by a team of experts capable of handling challenges and opportunities of all shapes and sizes.

Congruity Payroll is ​getting ​business owners 

back to doing what they do best.